The Missing Piece for Educators and Supporters of Educational GrowthWelcome to The Missing Piece blog, created for educators and supporters of educators to come together to discuss educational topics. Topics range from challenges in the classroom, to political issues involving education, to resources for education, all the way to humor in the classroom. I believe we all have differing opinions and ideas of how education should look. All I ask is that we respect one another’s opinions and ideas, even if it is different than our own. Healthy debates are welcome, disrespect and personal attacks are not. This is a forum for us to come together and see what changes we can make within our own classrooms, schools, and communities that will make a small, maybe even large, difference. Let’s step out of our boxed in cubes, and be creative in changing education to be great for each individual!

I welcome you to the success of all children,

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As our school starts to discuss what compartmentalizing is going to look like next year, I question how we can do it successfully. I don't doubt we can do it, and that we can do it well, but as we know in education, so many good ideas fail because they ...