Challenge Packets

Challenge Packets

One of the ways I have effectively found to deal with my “fast finishers” is to create a challenge packet each week. My class works on a DOJO rewards system, and students get challenge points on DOJO, while they continue to practice past learned skills and new we are working on. These are some of the resources I use to create my challenge packets. I also use these as extra practice in class, group work, and guided groups.

Super Teacher Worksheets – Currently at $19.95/year I have found it to be a great site to download all subject content, seasonal activities, and more. Definitely worth the cost. – This site has great leveled reading materials this is currently free to use. I have used it in my packets, as well as for paired reading activities and content specific reading.

Scholastic Printables and Scholastic Mini-books – This membership cost $47.99. As I’ve been exploring it, I think it is going to be a great resource not just for my challenge packets, but with support materials for groups. (I also love scholastic as a way to build up your students’ library, and get bonus points to help build your own classroom library.)

Math-aids – Math-aids is currently a free site that will create worksheets for you. I love using this site for packets, support work, group work, and more. If you are teaching Math, it is definitely a must have bookmark!


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Patty Benton is a 4th grade teacher located in Colorado. Her passion is helping every student recognize there are no glass ceilings. They are all capable of reaching for new goals, and obtaining them. Patty was raised in Iowa, but now lives in Colorado with her three beautiful children and one crazy, crazy dog named Izzy and a sweet gentle dog named Ginger. She loves having the mountains “right there” for adventuring, but also enjoys being in a major metropolitan area. As a family (minus Ginger & Izzy, of course!), they volunteer at a local food bank and Patty was the ministry leader for a Single Parent’s Ministry.

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