What is the balance to differentiation?

What is the balance to differentiation?

We all know the term “differentiation”. I think that all (or at least most of us) agree the differentiation is crucial to the success of our scholars. Yet most educators are the only on in the classroom. How do we differentiate with classes that many times are tipping close to 30 scholars? How do we balance this for all stcholarss so that we ensure they meet the state standards for their grade level?

As a 4th grade teacher, I struggle with this challenge on a daily basis. With kids with IEPs, ELL students, and then the wide-range of academic ability of all classrooms, I find myself facing this challenge on a daily basis. How do I prepare my scholars for the real world, while reaching them where they are?

I honestly haven’t found the answer. So far, my best solution is to teach everyone grade level content, and then start differentiating the activities they complete. But that takes time, and finding that time stretches me to the max. Anyone have tricks of the trade they would like to share on differentiating for their students?

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Patty Benton is a 4th grade teacher located in Colorado. Her passion is helping every student recognize there are no glass ceilings. They are all capable of reaching for new goals, and obtaining them. Patty was raised in Iowa, but now lives in Colorado with her three beautiful children and one crazy, crazy dog named Izzy and a sweet gentle dog named Ginger. She loves having the mountains “right there” for adventuring, but also enjoys being in a major metropolitan area. As a family (minus Ginger & Izzy, of course!), they volunteer at a local food bank and Patty was the ministry leader for a Single Parent’s Ministry.

I would love to hear your thoughts!